This page now includes all the activities, which up to now have only been available for colleagues that have attended our workshops and/or schools that have registered with us. We have found that our most exciting activities have been planned and produced in teacher, nursery nurse and teaching assistant workshops. You might also want to encourage parents to help you make story props and games for them to take home. More details and ideas on parents' workshops can be found in our guide to core texts and our guide to track games.

If your school would like to host a workshop go here for details. We have much preferred running these workshops in schools, but, during the pandemic, we have supported several online workshops.. Even if you can't attend a workshop, we welcome feedback and suggestions for titles to include. Please get involved with our Work in Progress page; a small contribution can make a big difference. Over the next year or so we aim to add more new language oriented activities to popular books for use in Key Stage One (up to 7 or 8 yrs).The Education Endowment Foundation emphasises that language activities on their own are far less effective than language activities in curriculum contexts. Never underestimate the power of story! Our activities are always marvellous prompts for meaningful conversations around stories while developing new language skills. Playful is not the opposite of serious! Chatter matters!

This activity has been developed by Rochdale's EAL team working on Mantra Lingua's successful dual language book about Rafa who talks a lot at home, but says nothing at school. We hope you will find their resources and guidance helpful and the book an empowering addition to your EYFS setting. You will find resources below for many books from Mantra Lingua.
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Effective Pre-school and Primary Education 3-11 Project Final Report 2008


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We are working on this book at the moment and invite contributions!



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Aliens Love Underpants

Augustus and his Smile

Bad Tempered Ladybird

Bash Street

Bears in the Night

Bog Baby

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain

Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?

Burglar Bill

Buri and the Marrow

But Martin

Can you Move like an Elephant?

Can't you Sleep Little Bear?

Cops and Robbers

Dinosaurs Love Underpants

Dirty Bertie

Don't Cry Sly

Doorbell Rang

Each Peach Pear Plum

The Elves and the Shoemaker

Farmer Duck

Fat Cat*

Funny Bones

Giant Jam Sandwich

Giant Turnip

Giraffes Can't Dance

Grandpa's Handkerchief

Handa's Surprise

Harry and the Robots

Have you Seen the Crocodile?

How do I Put it On

Hungry Caterpillar

Jim and the Beanstalk

Little Bear Lost

Little Rabbit Foo Foo

Little Red Riding Hood

Mad Food

Marvin Gets Mad

Meg and Mog

Meg's Eggs

Miss Brick the Builder's Baby

Mister Magnolia

Monkey Puzzle

Monster Game

Mr Creep the Crook

Mrs Mopple

Mrs Plug the Plumber

Naughty Bus

Not Again Red Riding Hood

Oi! Get off my Train

Oliver's Vegetables

One Windy Wednesday


Pardon said the Giraffe

Peace at Last

Rafa's First Day

Rascally Cake

Room on the Broom

Rosie's Walk

Shopping Basket

Squash and a Squeeze

Story of the Little Mole


Ten in the Bed


Tiger who came to Tea

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Whatever Next

Would you Rather

Work in progress. As requested we are providing an alphabetical list which will gradually be linked to the activities.