Our Early Years activities are available to all during the pandemic

but please contact us if you would like us to runan in-school development workshop either when we get to the end of the COVID tunnel or an online one at the moment!

This page shows you the activities which have only been available for colleagues that have attended our workshops and/or schools that have registered with us. We hope you will try out the activities and adapt them for your settings. Please send us any new versions you develop to share. We have found the most exciting activities have been planned and produced in teacher, nursery nurse and teaching assistant workshops. You might also want to encourage parents to help you make story props and games for them to take home. If any links don't work please tell us.

If your school would like to host a workshop go here for details. We much prefer running these workshops in schools. Even if you can't attend a workshop,or we are too far away from you, we welcome feedback and suggestions for titles to include. Over the next year or so we aim to add more new language oriented activities to popular books for use in Key Stage One (up to 7 or 8 yrs).The Education Endowment Foundation emphasises that language activities on their own are far less effective than language activities in curriculum contexts. Never underestimate the power of story! Our activities are always marvellous prompts for meaningful conversations around stories. Playful is not the opposite of serious!


Our most recent activities


EPPE research strongly supports sustained shared thinking through quality talk. Click below for report!


Effective Pre-school and Primary Education 3-11 Project Final Report 2008



This link is alive!

We are working on this book at the moment!



Please go to our work in progress page if you would like to help us produce more activities like these.