The project holds over two hundred and fifty activities developed by enthusiastic teachers at storyprops and games workshops that we ran in Islington in the eighties. We started at foundation stage! We held workshops on Saturdays with an excellent free lunch and everyone found them more calming than shopping! The aim was to make books as enjoyable as possible and help children and their parents develop ownership of storytelling and story changing. We also wanted to ensure that stimulating early years environments were enlivened by quality exploratory talk. We are now putting these activities online. The activities you see here are the tip of an iceberg! However, to protect authors' and illustrators' copyrights please send us your school address and email if you want access to all the activities or contribute to their development. Is there a book you would like to see here? Contact me at:

Don't Cry Sly

To celebrate our partnership with Mantra Books here is a track game where you collect all the vegetables to make up the fake chicken. Like the books, the games are available from Mantralingua in sound enabled form.

Turnip Games

This was the first game we developed to celebrate our partnership with Mantra Books. Like their books the games are available from Mantralingua in sound enabled form.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Track and Lotto

A variety of track games and we hope they will inspire you to produce better ones! Our online tracks are never as exciting as those you make yourself.

Peace at Last Pairs

A set of situations picture cards and noises cards. e.g Baby Bear playing with planes and "Nyaaow!". You can either make matching pairs or you can pair noises and situations.

Peace at Last Lotto  Peace at Last Track Game

Little Red Riding Hood Dominoes

Not a matching dominoes activity, but children have think of a reason why they can be joined together.

Rosie's Walk

Storyprops, lotto and pelmanism games and two track games to get you back to the hen house without being caught by the fox.

Handa's Surprise Fruit Game

Move around the board. Land on an animal and lose a piece of fruit. First to lose all their fruit wins the tangerines!

Fruity grid and riddles activities where you guess which fruit it is from clues.

But Martin

Games with variations for role play where you become the characters in the book and collect your descriptions. Extendable to other characters and good for describing similarity and difference.

Dirty Bertie Track Games

A variety of track games with soap and germs competing to see whether you end up in school or in hospital. We are looking forward to seeing more of your germ pictures.

Harry and the Robots Track Game

Robots have to get to hospital and the track game takes you forwards and backwards and all over to get there.

Pants Track Game

Play a track game and get to design your own pants!

The Doorbell Rang

A supply of plates and cookies to relive the mathematics of sharing over and over again.

Miss Brick Houses Games


A pairs or pelmanism game with misconstructed houses.



One team has built up hen houses, jellies, sandcastles etc and the other team has knocked down versions. Which team will get four in a row first?

Homemade Games are much better looking than these!

Mrs Mopple Props

Storyprops for telling the story and becoming the characters.

Mrs Mopple Pairs

Matching animals and the clothes they wore.

Hungry Caterpillar Game

Feed your caterpillar with different amounts of fruit. A collecting game with a lot of variations to encourage cooperation and mathematical thinking.

A complete set of resources to help you develop games and activities around the story.


Animal and Situations Cards

Items Cards

Sample Track

EPPE research strongly supports sustained shared thinking through quality talk. Click below for report!


Effective Pre-school and Primary Education 3-11 Project Final Report 2008


Below are the some of the books with activities currently available on the extra foundation stage pages, but to access them you need to send your school address and email.

Aliens Love Underpants , Bog Baby, Burglar Bill, Can’t you Sleep Little Bear Bingo, Cops and Robbers Track Game, Cops and Robbers Items Sorting Game, Cops and Robbers Who Am I Mugshot Game, Cops and Robbers Before and After Pairs, Dinosaurs Love Underpants, Each Peach Pear Plum, Farmer Duck, Funnybones , Giant Jam Sandwich, Giraffes Can’t Dance, Grandpa’s Handkerchief, How Do I Put it On, Jim and the Beanstalk, Kapiti Plain, Little Mole, Little Rabbit Foo Foo, Mad Food, Marvin Gets Mad, Meg and Mog, Mr Creep the Crook, Mr Magnolia, Mrs Plug, My House is a Squash and a Squeeze, Oi Get Off My Train, Pardon Said the Giraffe,Rainbow Fish,Room on the Broom, Superworm, Tiger Who Came to Tea.