Would your school/setting (wherever it is in the world!) be interested in hosting a Collaborative Learning workshop?

The project has been running subject specific development workshops for many years now, and they have been very positively received. We have been very grateful to Ethnic Minority Achievement teams and schools for supporting them and publicising them locally. As a result of these workshops we are able to increase the number of activities online, which then of course get used in more and more schools.

We have been organising them in a variety of ways. We are non-profit making and only need to cover costs. Sometimes the EMA team or school has provided a space for free and they have been able to attend for free. They also get to choose the topic of the workshop! We have publicised the workshops across administrative boundaries. When there are more than twenty participants two of us will come. When we run cross LA workshops we have run them from 9.30 or 10.00 am to 3.00 pm to allow for travel. For instance the one we ran in Southend hosted colleagues from as far away as Cambridge. We are now experimenting with weekday half day workshops starting after lunch and going on till 6ish and Saturday workshops starting at 10am and finishing with lunch. We have also been experimentlng with online preparation before the workshop and post workshop follow up development groups.

We have also run workshops in other countries including the USA, Canada, Denmark and India. Normally the morning session is hands-on trying out strategies and the afternoon provides opportunities for planning new activities in partnership. We then complete the activities and put them online for everyone to access.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop please contact:

We would also like to tell you that we have restarted free Saturday half day workshops in London for teachers who want to experience working creatively with others. They used to be declared "Better than shopping!" Details of the next workshop are in the newsletter.

We also run CPD for schools on EAL and the development of talk.

Last updated 8th February 2020

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