We want to involve more colleagues in planning, especially those too far away to attend our free Saturday workshops. We invite you to try out these very new and very old activities that need a little more attention and maybe a spot of dusting. Please feed back your comments. Please send us your ideas for developing new activities.
We heard a head of early years say last week that there was too much play in her setting! We are optimistically reviving board games we developed in the "Age of Invention" early 1980s*
This activity, to encourage children to talk about books they have read with each other, needs updating.
We have just mined this from the archive and would welcome comments, suggestions and drawings.
*"Age of Invention" from Simon Gibbons' book "English and Its Teachers" on the history of English Education in England. Let's get back to invention and creativity!

Currently we are in the "Age of Intervention"