Past Professional Development Presentations

Over the last couple of years, while face to face contact has not been possible, the project has been using Zoom and Microsoft Teams to work with schools. Collaborative Learning finds virtual conferencing frustrating because it puts strong limitations on exploratory talk. We would prefer to give you the opportunity to try out our resources in small groups. We believe actually using the activity will give you the opportunity to see exactly how it generates purposeful talk. We hope this will inspire your to try an activity out in your classroom and maybe later develop activities of your own.

On the positive side we have probably reached more people via virtual platforms. Very often the quality of zoom/teams sound has been very uneven and unreliable. So to back up our presentations, we have had to produce transcripts. We are starting to post them here in addition to our brief guides to collaborative strategies. We are starting from the most recent and working backwards, when we have time and opportunity. Please let us know if you find them useful.




2nd February 2022

NALDIC North London Region Interest Group (RIG)


15 minute presentation on collaborative strategies around story telling and making in the Early Years and KS1 using our multilingual work on the Runaway Pea as an example. You will find a link to the powerpoint (in pdf) on the transcript title page.




25th November 2021

Raising the Achievement of EAL Learners

Practical Solutions

45 minute presentation at Devon Closing the Gap Conference organised by Babcock International.

Shorter version presented at NALDIC Yorkshire and Humberside Region Interest Group on 2nd December 2021