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Foundation and Early Years and Key Stage One: Storyprops and Games Activities

English and Literature Activities (Fiction)

English and Literature Activities (Drama)

English and Literature Activities (Poetry)

Citizenship Activities

Geography Activities

History and Social Studies -

Egypt /Indus Valley /Greek and Roman /Anglo Saxon and Viking /Medieval/ Making of the UK /Victorians /World War I/World War II and after /Ireland Black and Roma / American /Women in History (under construction)/ Old unrevised history pages

Literacy/Language Arts Activities

Maths Activities

Music Activities

Biology Activities

Chemistry Activities

Physics Activities

General Science Activities

Technology Activities

Oddments (currently experimental powerpoints)


These are all pdf files so you will need Acrobat Reader to access them. They are organised so that they are easy to prepare for use in the classroom.We are currently updating the website to provide better and more easily understood descriptions of each activity. We'd welcome feedback on the descriptions. You will find links to old and new pages below.

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