Science general activities

Science: General activities online to try out as they are or adapt for your own classrooms.

You will find free downloadable activities here which we hope you will be able to fit into your schemes of work. We also hope you will find ways of developing similar activities on other topics. We would be very pleased if you could send any new activities for us to post online or a link to your website if you prefer to post the activity online yourself.

We have provided a brief summary of the activity, and in some cases, a "Quicklook": a miniature version of the activity on a single pdf page. The full activity is in pdf too and contains teacher and pupil instructions plus everything you need. You will need in some cases to copy resources on coloured card although we are producing an increasing number of activities in colour which you can print directly and then laminate .

Fair Test

Descriptions of experiments to decide what would make them fair - what needs to be the same, what needs to be different.

We are currently revising all the science activities and putting them in this new format. General activities are on this page. Biology pages are here, chemistry pages here and physics pages here. To find the old webpage with the activities not yet revised please go here.

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Fair Test

This doesn't belong with chemistry so is refusing to reduce in size and will move later. Activity to discover how to make three experiments fair.