Collaborative Greek and Roman History Resources

Greek and Roman History Resources to try out as they are, or tweak, or use as templates for your own activities!

Ancient Greek and Modern Education

What was different and what was the same about education in Ancient Greece and nowadays? A sorting activity with work on filling tables and grids.

Greek Farming through the Year

A simulation activity based on Hesiod's manual on how to farm, where you fill your cellar, go through the work of the year and deal with good or bad fortune delivered by the weather or other not so friendly folk.

Greek Word Detective

A matching activity and a connect four game which examines all the words in English with Greek roots. You can find a Latin roots game in the Literacy resources.

Archaeologists Dig

Two of you are digging up half a Roman city and two of you are digging up the other half. Are you finding Roman remains? Where are you in the city? The bathhouse? The bakery? A barrier game to simulate a dig.

Bread and Circuses

Can you keep the Roman city dwellers happy and by doing so remain Emperor? A connect four game where, if the protests pile up, the Emperor loses out. He has to try to cover the protests with his solutions.

Building the Empire

A pairs activity which introduces you to all the provinces of a growing Empire.

Downfall of the Empire

You are attacking the Roman provinces on all sides. What are your chances of finding a rich province to sack and maybe also settle there? A game with dice and chance cards.

Marius Mules

A Roman Soldier carried a lot of things and marched twenty miles a day. First sort out how you are going to carry everything and then play a game to see who gets ready first.

Ancient and Modern Olympics

A question and answer sorting activity first on a grid and then on a Venn diagram to establish similarities and differences between ancient and modern Olympics.

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