Collaborative Citizenship and PSHE Resources

Citizenship Resources to try out as they are, or tweak, or use as templates for your own activities.

Another Nail in Your Coffin

A sorting activity to examine health risks and determine to which extent we have control over them. Combined with a macabre game where you acquire coffin nails to speed up your chances of an early death. First developed in the eighties, some of the risks have now been exported to other countries, so you might be interested in developing a new activity around mining in Chile or clothes manufacture in China.

Migration Activities

An historical overview of migration examining why people decide to move or are forced to move and the different kind of welcomes they might or might not meet in other countries. Work with character cards and sorting general migration facts. Also a connect four game to consolidate knowledge.

Norm and Deviance

La Norme et la Déviance

A behaviours sorting activity to help understand reasons and attitudes of others and provoke discussion around cultural differences. Provides good scaffolding for the production of other local behaviours. French version included. We welcome further suggestions for behaviours in either language to add to the activity.

Push or Pull?

Malaria is still a killer disease. How can drug companies be persuaded to research cures for people who cannot afford to pay for the drugs? An information gap activity about a UK initiative to tempt drug companies by offering a prize rather than giving them research grants.

You might also be interested in looking at Black History

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