Science Physics activities

Physics Activities to try out as they are or adapt for your own classrooms.

You will find free downloadable activities here which we hope you will be able to fit into your schemes of work. We also hope you will find ways of developing similar activities on other topics. We would be very pleased if you could send any new activities for us to post online or a link to your website if you prefer to post the activity online yourself. We are beginning to include new activities developed with colleagues in Medway which are being piloted and we'd welcome your comments/suggestions.

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Energy Chains

Two activities: sorting pictures into types of energy and sequencing pictures to show how energyis transferred.

Energy and Sound Dominoes

Domino game with closed ended matching to explore and revise definitions.


Sorting activity to decide whether the examples of friction are useful or not. Also to decide whether friction or absence of friction plays its part.

How Earth was Formed

Dictagloss activity on the formation of the earth.

Planets Matching

Matching the planets to their conversations: a sequel to the

Planets Information Gap and Jigsaw

which deals with all the planets information by sharing it around the class

Planets Talk

Simpler version of matching planets activity.

Push, Pull and Push and Pull

Sorting forces. Is a push force or a pull or both?


Sequencing activity on how rocks move around from pumice to puddingstone plus a Talking rocks activity with clues to help indentification.


Centre of gravity and area of base. Deciding which are the most stable objects plus identification of science equipment.

What Sound?

Sorting sounds in two ways; loudness/softness high/low.

The Bulbs

Investigating parallel and series circuits by adding extra items: extra battery cells, resistors, voltmeters etc.

Here are some other activities which are online, but where we have not had time to do the pretty descriptions

Magnetism: a connect four board game where you have to decide which objects are magnetic.

Electrical Pursuit: a trivial pursuit type board game to revise electrical knowledge - adaptable to KS3 or KS4

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