Collaborative English Resources

English (Drama) Resources to try out as they are, or tweak, or use as templates for your own activities!

Hamlet Closet Scene

An activity which looks in detail at the characters, the relationships and the language of this scene and provides lots of opportunities for sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Inspector Calls

Revision activity in the form of a game which mainly involves sorting and matching actions, character descriptions and quotations.

Macbeth Characters

A connect four game to revised and remember knowledge about who did what in the play.

Macbeth A Closer Look

Initially a picture text matching activity around the first four scenes of the play which then scaffolds more detailed comprehension work. Works on the principle that if you can persuade folk to do something simple together they will take a stab at something more difficult.

Macbeth's Feelings

A activity which help pupils map the changing feelings of the main character through the play and back up their ideas with appropriate quotes. Class divides and works on different sections and then feeds back to the rest.

Macbeth Hot Seating

Half the class become characters and are questioned by the other half who are trying to get four answers in a row on their question grid.

Macbeth Two Minute Autobiography

Two sets of character cards which pupils in role can meet each other and introduce each other to other pupils.

Midsummer Nights Dream Hot Seat

Half the class become characters and are questioned by the other half who are trying to get four answers in a row on their question grid.

Midsummer Nights Dream Blockbusters

Revision activity which can be tweaked by class devising their own questions.

Much Ado Blockbusters

A more complex blockbuster which looks at four themes: language, women, masks and comedy in great detail. All the answers provided!

Much Ado Character Cards

Introductory role playing activity.

Much Ado Connect Four Games

Two games to help remember all the to and fros of the plot.

Much Ado Correcting Dogberry

A way of sharing the detailed study of Dogberry's language.

Much Ado Prereading Activity

How different is the plot of Much Ado from the modern sit com? An activity which gets pupils to compare Shakespeare with modern.

Much Ado Plot and Character

A way of seeing how the different characters relate and influence the development of the play.

Much Ado Rude Words

Quite a lot of the unfamiliar language relates to sexual matters which is of course what the play is about. This activity looks in detail at the sexual language of the play.

Much Ado Who's Who

A sorting activity which again helps with all the ways in which the characters influence each other.

Much Ado Word Detectives

A way of dividing up the complex language study of the play and provide opportunities for pupils to feed back to each other

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