Black and Roma History Activities

Black and Roma History Resources

You will find free downloadable activities here which we hope you will be able to fit into your schemes of work. We also hope you will find ways of developing similar activities on other topics. We would be very pleased if you could send any new activities for us to post online or a link to your website if you prefer to post the activity online yourself.

We have provided a brief summary of the activity, . The full activity is in pdf and contains teacher and pupil instructions. You will need in some cases to copy resources on coloured card although we are producing an increasing number of activities in colour which you can print directly on a photocopier and then laminate .

Abolition 1807

Abolition Role Play

Two activities to discover more about the lives of those who worked to bring about the abolition of the slave trade in Britain and its colonies. A character cards activity where pupils 'become' the characters and introduce each other and a role play/hot seating activity that goes into more detail.

Civil Rights and the life of Martin Luther King

Mini descriptions of events with illustrations which have to be fitted on a time line.

The Great Migration

Examining the lives of Black Americans in the south after the Civil War. Why did they prefer to leave for the north or go west?

Game of Heroes

Mary Seacole, Mary Wollenstoncroft and Mahatma Gandhi. Sorting and interrogating text activity to examine their lives.

Marcus Garvey

Information gap activity to inform discussion around the life and work of MG. Four texts and a question grid.

Olaudah Equiano

Information gap activity to inform discussion around the life and work of OE. Four texts and a question grid.

Slave Rebellions

A maths activity to examine the history of the resistance to slavery. A timeline with a set of cards which can be placed correctly using only mathematical knowledge but where prior knowledge of the history of slavery helps a lot too.


Information gap with three texts on the life of the slave Edmond Albius on Reunion who discovered the secret of the fertilisation of the vanilla orchid and made a lot of money for the owners of vanilla plantations. There are some excellent websites in French with a lot more information about his life.

The Slave Trade

Another character cards activity on all the different individuals who made money from the slave trade.

Charles Drew

An information gap activity on the life of Charles Drew who developed blood banks.

This activity has just been revised and is back online.

We have also just put online an information gap activity on Samuel Coleridge Taylor, a Black British composer, born in 1875, who was popular in both the UK and the USA and Walter Tull, the first Black professional footballer and officer in WW1....

We have also added a clues activity on Roma World Cup Heroes

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and two activities on the history of South Africa: a simulation (board game) of life in the Homelands and a map information gap activity on the unequal distribution of land in 1989.

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