Collaborative Maths Resources

Maths Resources to try out as they are, or tweak, or use as templates for your own activities!

We have not put these in any particular order since all the activities are adaptable to all age groups.

12 and 24 hour Card Sorting

Activity to sort and pair 12 and 24 hour clock times. Can also be a pelmanism game.

Four in a Row Addition

This is a mental maths game, which uses Connect Four with counters to encourage children to work together to improve their speed in adding.

Adding Two Digit Numbers

Throw two dice - make a two digit number; repeat and add your two newly made numbers together!

Bank Four

Another name for Connect Four. Designed to reinforce rapid recall of addition and subtraction of numbers 2, 5 and 10 to and from numbers up to a hundred.

Basketball Scores

One pupil (or pair of pupils)has one set of information and another pupil has a second set. They have to work together to sortout the clues to solve equations.

Adding Near Hundreds Connect Four

A game where children identify the strategy they use to add numbers close to a hundred - using addition or subtraction.

Book Mystery

Using tables and other clues to work together to help a librarian match bills with books. Lots of practice of modal verbs. e.g Geography World could have cost....

Buy a Ted

Game to collect all the parts of a Teddy Bear.This collaborative game is designed to introduce young children (KS1) to the concepts of shopping and exchanging money into equivalent amounts and also to introduce the concept of ‘exact amount'

Change in Your Pocket Connect Four Game

Designed to improve rapidaddition of different combinations of change .

Farzana's Change Problem

Working together using a graphic organiser to work out all the possible variations in change.

Decimal Street and Decimal Row

A colouring in activity to help recall size of fractions and decimals.

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