Collaborative History Resources

Medieval Realms History Resources to try out as they are, or tweak, or use as templates for your own activities!

Onlythe revised activities are on this new page. You can find many more resources on the old webpages but they do not always have pictures. If there is a demand we will revise them but you need to email us to ask us to do it!

Catch the Plague

This is a half completed game around the causes of the plague where the winner is one with the fewest symptoms. The idea is that completing the game requires research and playing the game consolidates learning.

Peasants' Revolt

What would you have done in 1381? This quiz to discover whether you have a revolting personality or not is based on the quizzes found in glossy magazines.

Then and Now

Sorting boards to compare the lives of children nowadays and in the medieval period. Six boards for six groups with some overlap but designed to encourage group feedback to the class.

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