Science: Biology activities

Science: Biology activities to try out as they are or adapt for your own classrooms.

You will find free downloadable activities here which we hope you will be able to fit into your schemes of work. We also hope you will find ways of developing similar activities on other topics. We would be very pleased if you could send any new activities for us to post online or a link to your website if you prefer to post the activity online yourself.

We have provided a brief summary of the activity, and in some cases, a "Quicklook": a miniature version of the activity on a single pdf page. The full activity is in pdf too and contains teacher and pupil instructions plus everything you need. You will need in some cases to copy resources on coloured card although we are producing an increasing number of activities in colour which you can print directly and then laminate .

Cells Connect Four

Connect Four game to help embed function and characteristics of animal and plant cells

Animal Life Dominoes

Domino game with open ended matching to explore links between different features of animals. (76KB)

Blood Circulation Games

Simulation game where pupils become blood cells and try to collect enough oxygen to keep their animal alive and a connect four game to consolidate knowledge about organs for circulation.

Darwin's Birthday

Information gap activity with four accounts about evolution and Darwin's life. Pupils work on one account and then jigsaw to find out about the other accounts.

Germ Warfare

Collecting game where you collect germs when you pick dirty activity cards.

Parts of a Flower

Pupils interrogate a text together to help them label a flower and identify its parts.

Plant or Animal Connect Four

What are the characteristics of animals? Of plants? What do they have in common? What is different? There is an English and a French version here.

To the Waterhole Track Game

Herbivores and carnivores compete to get to the waterhole first while learning about how they both manage to survive.

Where can you find me in the Playground?

Connect Four game about all the different habitats of animals in a London playground.

Who Eats What Connect Four

A pairing activity for different woodland animals and what they eat and a connect four game to consolidate this information.

Vertebrate Connect Four

A connect four game to help remember the features of amphibians, fish,mammals etc.

Vertebrate Information Gap

You have half the animals. Your partner has the other half. Find out each others animals. You must only answer yes/no questions. e.g Doesit have legs? And here's a shorter version:

Short Vertebrate Information Gap

Charles Drew

An information gap about the life of the man who developed blood banks.

Here are some other activities which are online, but where we have not had time to do the pretty descriptions:

Breathing System. Sorting parts and functions of the breathing system.

Polar Bear. Information gap with questions.

We are currently revising and adding to all the science activities and putting them on these new webpages. To find the chemistry page go here, the physics page is here and the general science is here and for the old webpage with the activities not yet revised please go here

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