This webpage contains teaching resources for schools and parents developed by the Bradford Barnstormers and Collaborative Learning to make your visit to the Bradford on Avon Monastic Barn a more interesting and informative experience. We hope you enjoy using the resources. Please feed back any comments to us. Bradford Barnstormers have now produced an Activity Pack based on these resources which was launched at the Holy Trinity Church Christmas Festival on 7th December 2021. It i even contains googly eyes for all the animals/insects that visit the barn at night.

The three activities (just click on the posters below) can be used separately or as part of a teaching sequence. Some of the activities will work best when on the site and others are suitable for follow up or preteaching in school. We have added some extra activities from Collaborative Learning around medieval life which you might like to try out. We have just featured Bradford Saxon Church in our new resources for Year 3 up on meeting Anglo Saxons and Vikings. You can find these resources by clicking on the All Activities buttons above. We have recently been visiting Harmondsworth Great Barn, near Heathrow Airport, and are putting together resources to support London teachers who visit this interesting site.

This link is the contact email for Bradford Barnstorm.

This link will take you to the Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust who look after the barn.

This link will take you to the English Heritage webpage for the barn.

This link will take you to the powerpoint we used at our presentation .

We have added a set of minibooks using the information from the Meet the Barn activity. Download here!

Last updated 29th October 2022.


Other Medieval Activities


We were recently at Guedelon Castle in France. It is being built using only medieval methods and will probably take another ten years to finish. Here is a link to their very useful website with videos of building techniques.