Integrating Language and Content in History and Geography


13th July 2011

Dear Colleagues,

You will find links to most of the activities (plus a few more that I did not get time to show you!) on this page. I hope you will be inspired to use them and or change them to fit your learners. The links to the other activities online are at the top of the page. Please email me if any links don't work, something is missing, you need more information, there is a topic you would like to see online, or you would like to send me one of your activities to share: stuart.scott@collaborativelearning.org

Here is the powerpoint and here is a brief bibliography if you wish to read further:

If you google the titles you can find the details.

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Here is the work on Cashmere!

and here are links to the other activities I showed you

And I added these for Science and Technology colleagues:

Meeting Metals Character Cards

Vertebrates Barrier Game

Vertebrates Connect Four

Darwin Information Gap and Jigsaw

Planets Jigsaw

Talking Gases

Friction Sorting

Materials Qualities Happy Families and Connect Four

Solids Liquids and Gases Connect Four

Covalent or Ionic?

Twenty elements

If you are interested in piloting new science activities for older pupils (14 plus) and providing feedback please go to:

Medway Science Project webpages

Please also send any activities you produce in other languages than English. Our teachers really welcome them for new arrivals in UK classes.