Collaborative History Resources

London History Resources to try out as they are, or tweak, or use as templates for your own activities!

Only one activity here but this is the tip of the iceberg! The project holds a lot more London history materials which are still in paper format. We plan to put more online soon and if there is a particular topic you are interested in please email us to see whether we have something you can use. Please send us any materials you would like to add to this page.

Whitechapel Road 1817

This activity looks at the street directory for about 100 houses in East London. It presents each household in detail and then there are a series of activities to examine the way in which the work of the street is influenced by the rest of the city. The activity eventually ended with students tracking the changes to the patterns of use over the years and finally visiting the current owners to find out more about current use and future trends. Colleagues have used this template to produce similar activities around commercial streets in their own area. Very much an integrated activity; history, geography, social studies etc etc.

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