Collaborative History Resources

Easter 1916

Cartoons and Captions Prediction Activity

A series of cartoons around the events leading up to and during the Easter Rising in Dublin. There are too many captions for the cartoons and the idea is to select the most appropriate one or even better write your own.

Ireland 1916-1922


Different characters describe the events in Ireland after the Easter Rising and some of them express their feelings later in 1922. An activity to help understand why attitudes changed during that period as the result of the way the English conducted the war.

Our activities on the Great Starvation have now been put on line. Seems very timely given our current government's attitude to benefits combined with their desire for only British history to be taught. These activities were first developed in 1983 so we'd welcome any suggestions to help us bring them up to date.

Evidence activity on life in Ireland in 1841

Castleross - activity on how an estate was organised and how the land was farmed.

Story of a sack of wheat - the economics of wheat production

Potato Blight 1845 - interactive narrative re choices available to those whose crop failed.

Over the Water - game on the life chances of those who decided to emigrate.