Follow up Webpage for our

"Developing the EAL Friendly Classroom in the EAL Friendly School"

Seminar in Cardiff on 16th November 2018.



Thank you for your very positive evaluations!

I felt I had bitten off more of the bed than you can lie on (just like this squeezed proverb) when I attempted to present so much information in just an hour. I hope this follow up page will provide you with useful links to agencies and resources that you can now browse at leisure.

Please take a look, and persuade your colleagues to take a look, at our completely free teaching resources in the "All Activities Here" section below which cover all ages and subjects. Here is a link to the powerpoint which you are welcome to use and tweak if you are asked to feed back to your school colleagues. I recommend only selecting a few of the slides!! The Mold Riot activity is still being developed. In its current state you will soon be able to find it on this page and when it is tried out and tested it will migrate to the history section.

Please join the EAL Bilingual Google group! Scroll down the page for the link! It is a community of committed and supportive EAL teachers who will be very happy to answer any questions you did not think of on the day. Persuade your school to join NALDIC and EALAW!

Please email me directly if you have any other questions or comments.

Very good wishes for your future work with EAL pupils.



Links below to Local Authority Ethnic Minority Achievement services and EM Teams that used to be in LAs but are now working independently. Please contact us if you want to be included and send a jpeg for the link button.

Better Bilingual

A group of committed and creative EAL teachers and trainers in the Bristol area.


Take a look at their excellent new blog!


Lancashire EMA

Links below professional associations and other resource banks.

LATE and NATE are two separate associations that support each other's work.

Clarification can be downloaded here.