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Currently only Issue 7 is available but please return later when the page is completed.

Introduction to Innovate

Innovate Journal is a teacher-research journal that encourages teachers to conduct their own research inquiries on their own teaching practice. Innovate Journal positions itself as a first step for teachers to plan, write and disseminate their research inquiries to colleagues who may want to apply their learning  to their classrooms. Follow us on Twitter to see our latest collaborations: @innovatejournal

Our latest edition, issue 7, has been focused on teachers as curriculum makers; this has been in light of the new Ofsted framework. In this edition you will get to read a variety of articles from a range of educational professionals. Email us at hello@innovatejournal.com to receive your free copy of Innovate Journal. 

For our summer edition we are partnering up with Girls’ Day School Trust for an EdTech special. If you work in the education industry and use technology for teaching and learning then get in touch. We would love to capture your educational stories: things you love, things you wish it could do, things that simply don’t work, things you find and the things that save you time.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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